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Anomalichromis thomasi

On 1-14-00 Alexander Yohannes Suhendra wrote:

<snip:can anyone tell me about Anomalichromis thomasi ?:snip>
An excert from the cichild's breeder's book:
'The Genus Anomalochromis is supposed to be monotypic. The African Butterfly 
cichlid, Anomalochromis thomasi formerly known as Hemichromis thomasi is a 
unique dwarf cichlid reaching full size at about 8 cm. It is known from the 
coastal rivers of guinea and Sierra Leone. A. thomasi prefers soft water with 
a pH in the 6.6 range.  Be careful if you are lucky enough to have these fish 
breed, as it is easy to lose many a spawn due to wrong water chemistry. These 
fish also seem to be very aggressive to both there own species and tank mates 
of the same size and smaller. In fact, they can kill several species 
Corydoras catfish before you will be able to pinpoint these guys as the 

For more complete information go to:


I hope this helps.

James Watford
Columbia, SC