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CO2 vs O2

Peter Aitken writes:

"...Suppose then you add some CO2 to the system so that the
air now contains 77% N2, 18% O2, and 5% CO2. The total pressure remains the
same. The water will now contain the following:.."

The word "system" made me think: does your calculation only apply to a
closed system - in which the CO2 content in the referred to "air" is
increased - or does it apply to an open system as well, in which the space
above the water is exposed to the atmosphere?

My guess is (I'm an accountant, I guess all the time), that in an aquarium
which is more or less exposed to the air surrounding us, the partial
atmospheric(?) pressures of CO2 and O2 remain constant. Pumping CO2 into the
water will not change the partial atmospheric pressure of this gas - and
George Booth's tenant still stands: O2 and CO2 ARE independent of each other
in "normal" conditions.  No?

Michael Eckardt