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Re: Annoying plants... (Aponogeton madascariensis)

I have a madascar lace plant in a 55 gallon tank. When I received this 
healthy plant, it had a good number of leaves, perhaps 6-8 inches in length. 
I planted it, and as expected, some developed rotten spots, and I started 
stripping leaves. Within probably about 6-8  weeks or so, it had filled in 
beautifully, and I had a VERY large lace plant (leaves perhaps ~12 inches+) 
in a spot where it was quite cramped, so I moved it to the center of the 
aquarium. Again, I started getting those rotten spots, and began stripping 
leaves, one by one, waiting for it to resume growth. It never happened. I 
pulled up the bulb the other day with one lone new leaf (which had remained 
the same size for about 2 weeks) and it (the bulb) was obviously rotten. I 
cut off the rotten parts, and tossed it back in the tank. I now have a bulb, 
about half the size previously. Question is, what to do with it? This 
happened to an aponogeton ulvaceus in my tank, 2 months or so ago (though it 
still has leaves on it, they're not growing any longer, and again I cut away 
the rotten part of the bulb), and my crispus plants appear to have stopped 
growing after being transplanted.

I understand some of these plants go into dormancy, while others don't. Any 
suggestions? I really hate to lose the lace plant. It really was quite 
beautiful and healthy, and would have looked great in it's (new) location. 

Chuck, I understand the lace plant has to be kept in optimal (and fresh) 
water conditions or you'll lose leaves--water changes at least once a week. 
Hopefully, someone with more experience with these plants can give us some 
more info.

As far as the bacopa monnieri, I put a few stems in a 20 gallon tank. I began 
getting a sort-of leaf melt but left it in to see what happened with it. As 
I've experienced with other plants, once it got some new growth, was trimmed, 
and I replanted only the new growth it adapted to my water conditions and 
grew well.


<< I made a couple recent additions to my 75g tank.  One is a Madagascar Lace
 sword.  When I got it, it was in bad shape, with only one dying leaf.  It's
 now got 4 or 5 new leaves forming, one is about 1.5 inches long.  
 But, I also addded some Bacopa Monnieri.  Looked ok for a week, but then
 it started losing it's leaves.  I've now got 6 or 7 bright green stems with
 1 or two leaves per stem.   Should I leave it, and hope for new growth, or
 is it a goner?