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Noisy overflow

> due to the amount of water splashing they create. Since you are starting from
> scratch, why don't just drill a hole in the back panel, just below water
> level, 
> and fit it with an elbow pointing upright ? Fit the elbow end with some sort 
> of strainer and that's it. No syphon to start, no cumbersome equipment to 
> clean inside the tank.

Point well taken.  However, my biggest concern is slurping noise.  A nice
corner overflow with a 1" bulk head on the bottom, for example, will allow the
water to trickle down the sides of the overflow and then down the sides of the
1" tube to the trickle filter.  With my marine setup, I purchased one of those
retrofit kits.  The downtube was only something like 1/2" or so.  It made this
slurping noise that drove me mad!!!!  How would you prevent such noise from
happening to something like a 1/2" PVC fitting.  I forsee the water slowly
trickling down the side until the water level rises a bit.  There would be a
critical point where the air entering into the PVC pipe would stop and a pure
siphon would be created.  Water flow would increase dramatically until the
siphon was broken.  *slurp* *slurp* *slurp*  Unless you are suggesting having
the PVC bulkhead through the glass contain the straining device fit straight on
without any elbows....so that water would just cascade down the side...




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