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plants (sorry no C02, O2, kH or pH)

>Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 15:04:57 -0700
>From: Chuck Gadd <cgadd at cfxc_com>
>Subject: Annoying plants...
>I made a couple recent additions to my 75g tank.  One is a Madagascar Lace
>sword.  When I got it, it was in bad shape, with only one dying leaf.  It's
>now got 4 or 5 new leaves forming, one is about 1.5 inches long.  

Depends. Lace Plants go in cycles. If this one has been going for a while
it might want to rest a bit. If it was a dry bulb not too long ago it's
about to explode. Give it lots oflight, fertilize heavily and it should
grow  - sometiems when happy they skip the resting phase. If the bulb
is gettinbg smaller, not biggerm it's not fed enough.

>But, I also addded some Bacopa Monnieri.  Looked ok for a week, but then
>it started losing it's leaves.  I've now got 6 or 7 bright green stems with
>1 or two leaves per stem.   Should I leave it, and hope for new growth, or
>is it a goner?

You need to float it first soit has roots. Dropping leaves is normal for
Bacope. It seems to be the cange in water conditions that does it.

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