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Re: Tank, lights, CO2 kits

Chester Wong wrote:
>I would like to use an overflow box, but I hate the retrofit type...the ones
>where you have to start a siphon.  I would rather donate a small corner of the
>tank for this.  I see that all-glass has their "twin-flo" models that have the
>corner piece already installed and the holes already drilled in the glass.  Is
>this worth it?  I think all-glass also sells annealed glass aquariums where you
>can drill the hole.  Should I look into doing that myself?

I believe an overflow box is not necessary nor desirable in a planted aquarium.
Overflows such as the one in all-glass aquariums don't seem appropriate either,
due to the amount of water splashing they create. Since you are starting from
scratch, why don't just drill a hole in the back panel, just below water level, 
and fit it with an elbow pointing upright ? Fit the elbow end with some sort 
of strainer and that's it. No syphon to start, no cumbersome equipment to 
clean inside the tank. You can even add a few more simple plumbing parts to 
provide such things as additional security against clogging, and a simultaneous 
underwater intake. To make it less conspicuous, use transparent PVC parts 
(such as in http://www.savko.com/).

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD