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CO2 and trickle filters

11.01 i posted the following.
>Steve Dixon wrote:
>>George must be right
>>that the trickle filter box (which is where one would think the CO2 losses
>>would be greatest) gets filled up with CO2 and doesn't result in much
>>Regards, Steve Dixon

Yes, but if it is so, the trickle filter couldnīt work fully as intendet
(supplying more O2 for the microorganisms) ?

The reason for my posting is, that as far as I am informed, the whole idea
of a trickle -/Wet-dry filter is to
keep the filtermedia in close contact with the air, of which ~20% is oxygen,
fascititating a better
environtment for the beneficial (nitrificating)aerobic bacteria, resulting
in a better nitrification.
By keeping the media in some kind of enclosure not well ventilated to the
surrounding air, I _believe_
this function gets compromised. By letting the enclosure getting filled with
CO2, the concentrations
of oxygen (and nitrogen) must-unlike in water- decrease further, causing
even inferior environtment for the process hoped for (nitrification).
I may have missed a answer, but I do not think so, and I do hope for a

olet at lars_en.dk