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Re: CO2 system with/without pH controller

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, David Berryman wrote:

> I seemed to hit a nerve with the posting that I made a couple of days ago.
> I have received many response off the APD (which I appreciate, because some
> were not nice at all, others were very informative).

Compliments, agreements and reasoned discussion are usually welcome
off-list responses to posts on the list.  But it seems that when people
get irate about something said on the list, their off-list response is
often rude at best.  Personally I think if they have something important
to say, then they should be willing to say it on the list and in a way
that is acceptable in public discussion.  If it isn't that important then
they shouldn't say it.

I don't mean that as an invitation to light the list up with flame wars.
Personally, there are few things I less like to reads than personal flames
on the list.

One of the worst aspects of e-mail communication is that some people act
like they're free of the usual need for courteousy.

Roger Miller