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Volume, size and "size"

There is another issue to be careful of when calculating your
volume. Don't tank the manufacturer's "size" as your starting
size. You should always double check the volume with

   length x width x height in inches /231 = US gallons

Doing any reductions due to inside dimension, gravel,
fill line, decorations, etc. The reason I say this is when we
were deciding on what size to buy, I found that the company's
"90" gal was about 90, their "135" was about 135, but their
"125" was about 110 gal (it was a couple of inches less deep
than a what a 125 should be). One of the reasons we went
with their "135" was that it was not that much more expensive
than their "125" but about 25 gals, not 10, bigger.