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Substrate Cable Heater & Solenoid Valve

  >Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 17:25:54 -0700
  >From: George Booth <booth at frii_com>
  >Subject: RE:Cables

  >Of course, *finding* commercial cables in the U.S. is a bit of a
  >bother now
  >that Dupla blew us off. I've heard that Eddie at Monolith Marine
  >Monsters is
  >looking into cables from someone.

That's correct.  3 sizes (8 to 18 meters) from only $39 - $59.  Thermostat

  >Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 17:36:49 -0700
  >From: George Booth <booth at frii_com>
  >Subject: Re: CO2, gasping, etc

  >The amount of CO2 you save is not really worth considering when
  >you figure
  >CO2 costs (assuming pressurized CO2 bottles). I would venture a
  >guess that
  >cost of the solenoid will be far greater than what you would save in CO2
  >over many years of operation.

Are you aware that we have a solenoid valve for $39?

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<Tropica Master Grow / CO2 System / Substrate Cable Heaters, etc...>