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Re: Joo and glosso in hot tank

Hi Joo

Yes it is possible to grow glosso in those temps.  I have done it in my old 
tank, but you need lots of light otherwise they will grow up instead of 

My tank temp was 30-31 in the day and 228-29 at night after lights off.
kh 2-3
ph 6.8-7


At 03:48 PM 1/11/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I plan to grow glosso to cover up my tank floor but the LFS told me that 
>glosso needs cooler water to grow and spread.  In my tank, the normal temp 
>is bout 28-29 Celcius when light is on and when it's a hot day, temp in my 
>tank soar up to 30-31 C.  Is it possible to grow glosso in my tank?
>Thanks in advance.
>Best regards,
>KL, Malaysia

In sunny Singapore - if it's not raining!

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