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Re: Peckolita?

I have both a bristlenose (bushynose?) and peckoltia in my tank. Both are 
very gentle on the leaves. I have noticed more destruction being done by the 
fish in the tank than by these algae eaters. However, I don't rely on the 
meager quantity of (edible) algae in the tank being sufficient to keep them 
fed; I randomly put in blanched zucchini which they relish.

<<  I hope I didn't ask this recently on the list.  If I did, I can't seem to
 find any replies.
 I found a LFS with a real nice peckoltia.  From what I've read, they don't
 get too big, around 5" or so.  And I've heard they are ok in plant tanks
 (someone mentioned that they rasp swordplant leaves..)
 So, is a peckoltia a good fish for a planted tank?   Which would be a better
 choice in a planted tank, a peckoltia or a bushynosed pleco?  Or are they
 both too destructive? >>