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Re: Kh/Ph/Th

Roger Miller writes:

> > also I saw mention of increasing Co2 to lower Kh.
>  > I would have thought this would have more effect on pH than Kh.
>  You were right on that point.
An interesting thing can occur in when conditions are right in a high CO2 
environment.  Equilibrium is established between the CO2 and H2CO3 (Carbonic 
acid).  But then when certain minerals are available in the water, The H+ 
ions associated with the H2CO3 can be replaced by Na+, Ca++, or Mg++, thereby 
causing an increase in KH.  The mixes many of us use in planted tanks for 
trace mineral fertilizer will provide the right conditions for this to 
happen.  This is sort of buffering in reverse.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator