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Re: Personal Websites

>Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 19:32:04 PST
>From: "Raymond Wong" <myapisto at hotmail_com>
>Subject: <Personal Websites
>Hello everybody,
>I'm interested in visiting some personal web pages about your fish set-up
>and want to see some more pictures of your fish and 'aquascaping' i've
>searched the web using serach engines like yahoo metacrawler.. etc etc but
>know there are people out there with nice aquarium pages that are submitted
>to all of the search engines but anyways could you guys if u feel like it
>send me the url to your site so i can take a look?


I have a section on my homepage specially about how I did setup my 66 gal.

With heating cables, gravel, fertiliser and everything.

Soon also about my new 44 gal tank :-)

Hope you like it.

go to www.disky-design.dk/fish/rebuilt.html

With many Thanks

Soren ' Disky ' Reinke  ICQ #1413069

Please visit my Freshwater Aquaria Webpage

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