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KH buffering and pH

I've read about the dangers of having a low KH (lower than 2 causing pH instability). So, I added a carbonate hardener (contained carbonic acid in powdered form). I think the name brand was called BufferUp. My pH started
rising. I started out with KH=1, pH=7.2, GH=7, CO2~25ppm.
I reached a KH of 4 but the pH went up to 7.5 (product claimed pH would not be affected; WRONG!). I started to add a nonphosphate pH reducer. When I got the 
pH down to 7.2, the KH started to reduce to 2.
My target is: KH=4, pH=7.0, GH=7.
How can I get a pH of 7.0 and a sufficient KH of say 4 (for pH stability)?

I left my tank alone with the following current conditions (the fish can't take the ups and downs of the pH/KH):   KH=2, pH=7.2, GH=7, CO2~50ppm

I have a planted 45 gallon community tank. Some plants/fish prefer slightly
above 7pH while the others prefer 7.0 or slightly below. I'm thinking of adding
a DIY CO2 system. Does the KH have a direct relationship to pH?