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Re: styrofoam

> >>I'm just curious ... I've heard it mentioned quite a few times here that
> one >should tape styrofoam to the bottom of the tank to insulate it.
> Here in
> >Singapore (or Malaysia, where I come from) *all* tanks come with a piece of
> >styrofoam to be placed under the tank. The thinking is, no matter what tank
> >you have, and no matter how small (or how big) you absolutely *must* have a
> >piece of styrofoam underneath it or the tank will crack! >I get the feeling
> that many of you don't follow this practice and your tanks are none
> the worse for it?<<

I have always used styrofoam or something similar (folded newspaper 
for small tanks) underneath my tanks. The reason is to avoid cracks 
if the surface underneath the tank is not absolutely flat. 

I have always though this was one of the basic rules of aquarium