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Re: styrofoam insulation

>>I'm just curious ... I've heard it mentioned quite a few times here that
one >should tape styrofoam to the bottom of the tank to insulate it. Here in
>Singapore (or Malaysia, where I come from) *all* tanks come with a piece of
>styrofoam to be placed under the tank. The thinking is, no matter what tank
>you have, and no matter how small (or how big) you absolutely *must* have a
>piece of styrofoam underneath it or the tank will crack! >I get the feeling
that many of you don't follow this practice and your tanks are none the
worse for it?<<

I do something a little different and silicone styrofoam to the bottom of
the inside of the tank, and then insert/silicone 1/4 inch thick peices of
acryllic of various heights into the foam as retaining terracing walls to
raise the substrate. This secure method of terracing actually lessens the
settling of the substrate over time, and if it has the added benefit of
insulating the substrate, so much the better!

Robert Paul H.
info, plants, supplies, african root wood, and equipment.