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Re: Otocinclus schooling

>     All five of my otocinclus have been running around together lately.
> On top of that, I noticed that one or two of them have really fat
> bellies. Has anybody else seen otocinclus school? If so, does it have
> anything to do with spawning? Prior to this, they used to hang out by
> themselves most of the time.
> Thanks for any help,
> Tim Marks
> ------------------------------

Tim, are the ones with the larger bellies also a bit longer?
My females are about 1/3 larger than the males, and the behaviour
you describe is very similar to what mine do prior to spawning.
The males will chase both the females and the other males.
The males will often "suck" on to the female's body and run their
mouths along her.  When they spawn, the female will turn upside
down on the underside of a leaf and the male will hold her there
by hooking his body around her snout while she deposits a few eggs.
Keep watching, it's pretty cool to see.

Alec Dale