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Rotalla Wallichi, Macrandra

I've never had a problem with R. Wallichi (except for when my SAEs ate it 
down to the stem).

I recently re-did a tank and put 2, 2" pieces in it and now have 10+ 
 strands 16" long from that initial 2" pair.

What I really want is R. Macrandra. I tried growing it a while back, but 
didn't have the Lumens. Now I do.

Last I heard this was no longer available in the states from any supplier 
(including AZG). If anyone who has any is willing to snip a couple of 
pieces, wrap them in a wet newspaper and a zip-lock, stuff it in the 
envelope and send it my way, I'd be most grateful. Contact me directly. 
Maybe I can return the favor some day.


- Jeff