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CO2 controller

>I have seen  many positive comments on Dave Gomberg's CO2 system and its
>great success.   I am curious, however, if anyone has hooked it to a pH
>controller for automatic dosing?  Is this an option?   I was considering
>buying everything and putting a system together but if this system has
>that capability, sounds like a much better (easier) solution.  Have had
>too many friends accidentally overdose and since I seem to be related to
>Murphy, I want to make it as automated (idiot proof) as possible.

It is a false assumption that a pH controller makes your CO2 injection
system inherently safer or more "idiot proof" than a CO2 system that is
manually set.  As long as you have a reasonable amount of buffering
capacity, it is simply a matter of slowly adjusting your CO2 flow until you
reach and maintain your target pH.  Then you can simply check the flow by

A pH controller is only as reliable as its probes, and the probes must be
regularly cleaned and calibrated.  Some people just like playing with the
extra equipment, but it is far from "idiot proof".  The more "tech" you
throw at a tank, the more technical aptitude (and interest) you'd better
bring to the mix as well.