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Re: Growing Plants in Pots

> From: Douglas Bertelsen <dbert at umr_edu>
> Subject: Re: Growing Plants in Pots
> Jim,
>     I'm currently growing several types of swords in a 1/1 mix of coarse
> gravel and peat moss.  Pot selection isn't very important, but terra
> cotta tends to get moldy or algae covered when constantly wet.  They
> will grow better if at least half of the root system is submerged in
> water.  As for selection, a lot of people use spathophyllum as a filter
> plant and have reported good results.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

Algae cover doesn't worry me - at least not on the pots - as the trash
can is not see-through. As for half covered roots, I'll probably be
growing the plants fully submerged, though with my botch-job engineering
skills I may rig up some form of cradle to grow some plants emersed. 
Perhaps as "mbcreative" suggests I might give some bog plants a go - I'm
obviously planning to do some reading up on this before I go any
further. (Any links?  Apart from Tropica and the Krib, of course ;)