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Fish Disease in Planted Aquarium

"M.G." wrote:  <<<<Subject: Fish Disease in Planted Aquarium
I have a platy in my planted aquarium that has flaked scales all over the
body.  I cannot recall what this disease is.  If anyone can be of service,
I would appreciate it.  Moreso than the name of the disease, I was
wondering what cure if any is available.  Even moreso than that, I wonder
what cure is available that can be safely used in a planted aquarium?

Do you mean dropsy, i.e. when the fish body is full of fluids and
the scales become raised? Or bacterial skin ulcers?
In either case, treatment is extremely difficult and seldom successful. 
Some cases of skin ulcerations, rarely, may be contagious to humans.
Your best bet is to check water quality for ammonia and pH problems, 
which often are at the root of the onset of infections. If everything is
you may consider the possibility to humanely destroy the affected fish.

Dionigi Maladorno
dionigi.maladorno at roche_com
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