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Re: lightly filtered tank question

> I'm in the process of buying a 125-gal. tank from my LFS. When I told
> the guy I planned to heavily plant it and stock it with loads of
> rummynoses, he said that while it definitely needed substrate heating,
> it didn't need any filtration.

I'm running a trickle filter on my heavily planted 75g.  First of all, I
love the convinence of a sump setup.  I put my heaters, CO2 reactor,
temperature probe, etc in the sump.  And I would certainly use at least
some mechanical filtration.  In my case, I could remove the bio-balls from
the wet/dry, but I don't know what that would achieve (other than saving
a couple bucks on purchasing the bio-balls).

Since I don't need to do any extra work to keep the biological filtration,
I'll keep it.  And even without the bio-balls, I'd bet that the bio-filter
bacteria would grow anyway, on the gravel and mechanical filter media.