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Re: KH buffering

	If I remember correctly the brand is either Harts pH 5 Scoopable Cat
Litter or Lasting Pride Scoopable Cat Litter. In actuality the same company
packages it as a product called Oil-Dry which is to use to soak up oil
spills in garages etc... It's nothing but pure clay. You can find it a
Wal-Mart / K-Mart very cheaply.
	If you get it packaged as Kitty Litter make sure its the unscented,
unmodified, etc.. etc.. version the contents will read something like
"special clay mined in Georgia".

<< Wow ! That's quite a softening effect. What is the kitty litter brand ?
<< the sake of my tetras, I am using peat in my filter to try to lower the 
<< excessive hardness generated by "aquarium" gravel. 

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