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RE:Cables and Rummy noses

>I'm in the process of buying a 125-gal. tank from my LFS. When I told
>the guy I planned to heavily plant it and stock it with loads of
>rummynoses, he said that while it definitely needed substrate heating,
>it didn't need any filtration. 

Don't mess with the cables. Buy a nice filter instead. I like wet/dry's for
placing all the junk out of the tank and into the sump. I have a tank(s)
with rummy noses and they are a 135 gallon almost like your tank's size.
Filterless tanks seem to do better when they are *small*.
How, for instance, are you planning to get all the CO2 and other nutrients
to the plants when your CO2 is 5- 6feet away? A rich substrate can help but
you still need some way of getting CO2 to the plants beside osmosis. It can
be done fine in a small tank but I wouldn't try it in a big tank. If your
plants aren't doing well then you also have little backup for your fish too.
If your plants crash then your fish will/can die. With a wet/dry this isn't
an issue.
If you have money to burn get cables. I have money to play with and also
have cables myself. Don't waste your money. I certainly wouldn't buy any
more cables. Good DO levels are good for plants as are a good colony of
bacteria so wet/dry's are great IMO especially for bigger tanks. There is
some outgassing (not much as many say though) of CO2 but the CO2 is cheap
and easy to add more of.

>So, I'm gathering opinions on substrate heating and filterless tanks.
>The heating sounds like a good idea, but my research on filterless plant
>tanks tells me that I should probably run at least some kind of minor
>mechanical filtration. I was thinking of a sump. Any opinions on
>brands/types? Also, should I go with something suited for a full
>125-gal., or will something smaller be fine?
>Thanks for all your help!
>Amy Hembree
>amyh at atl_mediaone.net

Tom Barr