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Re: KH

On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Alfred Heng wrote:

> I accidentally mixed up a bag of gravel from a
> different source when I setup a new tank, and the bag contained some sea
> shells, all crushed up into little bits.  As a result, my normally soft
> water now has a KH of 8 and PH of 7 and this is with a constant flow of
> bottled co2 being pumped in.  I guess if I stopped the co2 the KH would go
> even higher.

Actually adding CO2 to a tank with shells in the substrate will tend to
make to KH higher.  That's because the CO2 (which is acidic) helps
dissolve the shells.  Without it the shell will still dissolve, but more

If you stopped the CO2 and maintained regular water changes then your KH
might be lower, but I don't advise doing that.  A KH of 8 shouldn't be a

Roger Miller