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Re: KH buffering

"Tipton, Michael" wrote:

>        My substrate is a kitty litter/fluorite mix. The kitty litter
>substantially keeps my pH at the lower end of the scale. It seems to do it
>by lowering the GH and KH. My tap water measures at 5 GH, 2.5 KH, 7.5 PH. My
>tank water measures at <=2 GH, 0 KH, <=6.0 PH. This soft acidic water has
>been wonderful for my tetras but I have no buffering capacity to balance out
>CO2 injection.

Wow ! That's quite a softening effect. What is the kitty litter brand ? For
the sake of my tetras, I am using peat in my filter to try to lower the 
excessive hardness generated by "aquarium" gravel. I know, I should have
tested it before building the substrate... Even sizeable amounts of peat have 
a barely noticeable effect in kH and gH, if at all. Perhaps I could use your
brand of kitty litter in the filter instead. 


-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD