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DIY CO2 reactor.

Well, I got my new CO2 reactor all set up.  I was originally using a standard
Dave Gomberg high pressure.  The new setup uses a small powerhead/pump to
pick up water in the sump tank, and force it into a gravel-vac tube standing
in the sump, open end down.   The CO2 enters the gravel-vac tube at the
top of the tube, and the bubbles get thrown around in the water coming
from the small pump.  No escaping bubbles are visible from the system.  I'll
be testing the pH a couple times a day for the next few days to get the CO2
level set correctly.   Once I've got the CO2 levels stable where I want them,
I'll probably experiment a little with adding some air to the reactor as well,
at least to see if I can get a measureable increase in the oxygen levels.

I've noticed several similar CO2 reactors that had bio-balls inside the
tube.  How would that affect the CO2 dissolving?