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Brown algae!!!


My planted tank of 540 litres has brown algae  on my fine leave plant and
some beard and spot algae on the broad leaves plant.It has been set up for 3
months already with one year old 5x40w flourescent tubes for 10 hours daily.
I understand that brown algae  is cos by low-light,is it the light intensity
or lighting hour?I know Oto eat this kind of algae but I buy any over
here.Does Pleco.do the same job too?
The ph is around 7.5 which I believe is too high.I try to lower it by
increasing Co2 but it doesn't help.I wonder if there are any other way of
lowering the ph beside mixing RO and deionizing the tap water.
BTW,what is RO?

Thanks in advance.

Aaron Chang