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Re: Cold Feet

on 9/1/00 9:52 pm, Karen Randall at krandall at world_std.com wrote:

> IF you really feel that the cold substrate might be effecting your plant
> growth, the easiest fix is to simply insulate the bottom of your tank with
> a sheet of styrofoam taped to the bottom.  A more costly, but still easy
> solution is to install an incandescent light bulb or two in the cabinet
> beneath the tank.

Hi Karen,
I'm just curious ... I've heard it mentioned quite a few times here that one
should tape styrofoam to the bottom of the tank to insulate it. Here in
Singapore (or Malaysia, where I come from) *all* tanks come with a piece of
styrofoam to be placed under the tank. The thinking is, no matter what tank
you have, and no matter how small (or how big) you absolutely *must* have a
piece of styrofoam underneath it or the tank will crack!

I get the feeling that many of you don't follow this practice and your tanks
are none the worse for it?

Mark Pan
The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they
know and then stop.
Mark Twain