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Re: cold feet

>My first question is, how are your plants growing?

They are just sitting there looking at me after a month. I noticed the plants 
in the water like java fern, riccia, and java moss and especially algae, show 
good growth. Rooted plants are declining or stagnant. Some swords are sending 
plantlets into the water. Plants  on the bottom like baby tears and glosso 
rotted away but some pieces torn loose by the fish are alive and well 
floating at the surface.

>In theory, a cold substrate can make the water stratify, and make it harder
>for plants to move nutrients into the substrate and up through their
>tissues.  In practice, if the tank is otherwise well managed, I have yet to
>see it cause a problem at normal household temperatures.


My tanks are in a cool (unheated) basement. I'm going to insulate the tanks 
and add glass tops. Evaporation is 1/2 inch a day.