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CO2 systems

Tom Wood wrote:

>I bought my tank and regulator from a welding supply house.  The regulator
>box was marked "beer regulator". I later saw the same setup at a homebrew
>supply store for about 2/3 what I paid at the welding shop. It's the same

I've had the same experience.

>Get a 2-gauge regulator that shows both the tank pressure and the
>output pressure. The only "exotic" piece of equipment we need is the needle
>(better known as 'metering') valve.  Try pneumatic controls equipment
>suppliers, they also handle the adapters. 

At the risk of sounding like I'm promoting another list member, You can do
much worse than just ordering a CO2 system from Dave Gomberg.  The
equipment is good quality, and the prices are right.  Or you can waste a
_lot_ of time running around your city trying to find all the pieces to
cobble your system together yourself.<g>


>The welding store won't refill a 5
>LB tank and doesn't really like dealing with an individual. The homebrew
>store cheerfully refills the tank and is happy for the business.

In our area, the gas supplier (which is mostly welding oriented) cheerfully
does both, and they always have 5 lb tanks available. (at my supplier, you
just trade your empty tank in for a full one, meaning you never need to
worry about the dating on the tank)  Check out the various suppliers in
your area if it's a big enough area that you have both available.  Use who
ever works best for you.