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CO2 set up and bottle supplier

I really did not find it hard to get my CO2 setup. Look in the Yellow Pages
for a Gas supplier, buy a CO2 cylinder (5, 10 , or 20# cylinder) get Dave
Gomberg's CO2 kit which is simple to use and follow the instructions. When
you run out of gas , most suppliers exchange your bottle for another full
one for about $10-$12. I have had a #5 bottle on a 72 gallon bowfront tank
running now since March 14, 1999 and will probably have get another cylinder
within the next week. 10 months for $10, $1.00 per month for my CO2 supply
excluding the original purchase of the setup which was $60 for the bottle
and $70 for the CO2 kit available at http://www.wcf.com/co2iron/   which is
Dave's site and he is great to deal with.