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>I recently upgraded from 4x40W fluorescents, to 2x40W + 2x55W CPFs 
>(ahsupply, CAN'T BEAT IT!!!) to help my glosso and telenthara.
>Anyway, I know A. Nana doesn't require a lot of light, but has anyone ever 
>had the leaves of it turn white and dissolve away because of too much 
>Has anyone ever had A. Nana go leprous on them? If so, what caused it?
>- Jeff

How big and deep is your tank? Gloss grows at low light too. I've had it at
2 watts a gal and have seen it grow very nice at 1.5 watts a gallon too.
Same for the Telenathera. Deep blood red at 2 watts a gallon. Enough light
is not the issue but either CO2,trace elements, etc. Unless it's a huge
tank....................it isn't the light that's causing the problem unless
you have old, old bulbs or something. At higher light wattage trace elements
and CO2 amounts change. When many folks move up their light amount they
often have trouble until they find that just right balance.

Your A. barteri var. nana is not getting enough of some trace element likely
if it's melting. White spots(Is this what you say is leporus?)occur  in some
plants(Anubias) at high light levels additionally. It may be genetic or
viral in origin.

Check this out. There are 2 pic's of a very white A.barteri towards the
bottom right of the group. Spots are very common and there are some
varinagated nana being sold.  
This has 110watts on a standard 20 gallon. Lots of light but the plants
thrive. It  melted back when the amount of trace and macro nutrients were
cut back.  After resumming the nutrients the plant started growing fine
again. I simply did a big water change and re added my nutrients and got
things back on line. The growth is superb but the color is weird. Other than
the color the plant is in great health as are other faster growing plants in
the samer tank leading me to believe that it is not a deficiency but
environmental or genetic/viral. The plant doesn't give the same nice white
leaves at 2 watts a gallon but pretty close.
Tom Barr