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Re: CO2/O2 reactor

Guess it should be CO2/air reactor.

It seems to me to be rather simple physics, but I might be wrong.
By injecting air/aerate, no matter how or how much,  youŽll never reach a
higher O2 content than the equilibrium (8,5mg/L at 25 C) because air
contains only some 20% O2. If you want more O2 in the water, you have to
inject O2 or leave it to the plants. If you want to raise the concentration
of a 10% solution (of something) to a 11% solution, a 10% solution, no
matter how much, will not suffice.
By wanting to inject CO2 and air in the same reactor, you are sitting
yourself between 2 chairs, decreasing both functions.

olet at lars_en.dk