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Membrane CO2 reactor

>Subject: What is a membrane reactor for CO2?
> That should be the one made by Aqua Medic which is to be used with their
> chemical CO2 reactor the Ceomat.  The Ceomat is a relatively low pressured
> CO2 system, I doubt that if the membrane reactor is suitable to be used
> other high pressured CO2 systems.  We used to sell those membrane reactors
> in the past.  They consist of a few whitish membrane and no microbubbles
> could be seen on its reactive side (as told by Ceomat users).  The
> instruction claims that CO2 reacts w/ H2O behind the membrane, etc.
> Edward
The Zeomat is from AquaTechnic (phone 7144 862873, and no, Im not a dealer,
associate or friend)  in Germany. A "bottle" is connected by a airtube  into
the tank. At the end of the hose is the membrane ( one side facing the hose,
one facing the water ) The partial pressure(?) (over the membrane) adjusts
the dripping (in the bottle) of HCl on CaCO3.
It is said to work well, and it is supposed to be the cheapest way to get
automatic CO2 injection. The only reason I dont use it is the fact that
Ive found a easier and cheaper way.
olet at lars_en.dk