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What did I do....

Well, I started off intending to trim back a bunch of fast growing plants in 
my 75g tank tonight.  I ended up moving just about everything.  Pulled out
all the wisteria, hygro and cabomba, moved the big swords around, relocated 
a really nice Crypt to the middle of the tank (instead of hidden at the 
back of the tank like it was).   In the process, I discovered that the Val 
that I thought wasn't doing much actually had spread runners all over the
back of the tank.

So, I finally got done, did a partial water change to clear up some of
the muck I stirred up, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in the 
morning everything looks good. 

I only put back in a fraction of the Hygro and Cabomba.  I didn't put
back any of the Egeria densa, just can't see any spot where it'll look nice.

One interesting discovery:  When I dug up the large Crypt, there were lots
of new "tubers" only slightly attached to the rhyzome.   Several broke off,
and they've got roots, and a leaf or two.  I'm hoping they will grow, and 
I'll have several of these crypts.  It looks like a Cryptocoryne Blassii.
Now that it's not hidden, I'll try to get a good picture of it.

I'll try to take some pictures of the results tomorrow.