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Looking for fish/plant store

Could anyone point me in a direction of a good (healthy fish & plants, 
somewhat knowledgeable, and not way-overpriced) store outside the vicinity of 
the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania? This is about 1 to 1-1/2 hours 
northwest of Philadelphia, in the Allentown area. I'm thinking there might be 
something around Philadelphia. I recall a new store was supposed to be 
opening just over the border in Delaware, mentioned at a DCAS meeting one 
month, but can't recall where, or the name. 

I'm tired of dealing with the selection in the area, and the sorry state that 
mail order plants have arrived in, not to mention minimums and shipping 
prices.  I'm looking for such *exotic* fish as a selection of killifish, and 
microgeophagus ramirezi. As far as plants, I am hoping to find broad leaf 
rotala macranda and limnophila aromatica, as well as some healthy valisneria 

I am also open to any size cuttings of the above, if anyone has any in 
excess, and would be willing to pay.