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Re: Corallife Ozone Reactor

A couple of folks did it. It works.
If it's a sump why not just add it to the intake side of your return pump?
The impeller will chop it up and the mist will shot back into the tank
downward typically(we don't want surface turnover now do we?) so then the
mist has to climb up to the surface. This won't cost nothing. And it should
be pretty efficient don't you think? The longer the return line the better
the contact time also. If you use a spray bar along the bottom of you tank
the CO2 rich water will spray nicely into your plants with a gentle current
that will get the gas exactly were you want it, right into the plants. 

If you wish to turn it "ON" or "OFF" you can use a powerhead spraying it's
out put into the pump return.
Just plug the powerhead into the controller or timer and your done. A
solinoid set will also do the same thing instead or as a redundant system
backup. Save your dough IMO.
Tom Barr
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>Subject: Corallife Ozone Reactor
>    Does anybody know if the Corallife Ozone/Oxygen reactor could double
>as a CO2 reactor? It is designed to hang off of the sump which is very
>convienent and is only $60 from Debron Aquatics. Any help would be much
>Tim Marks