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Plantex CSM for PMDD

As some may recall, a couple of years ago now I was able to get my hands on
a quantity of Plantex CSM trace element mix and sell it to the list.  I am
going to be in that locale of PA within several weeks and wonder if there is
enough interest for me to pick up another 5 pound bucket.

The 'guaranteed analysis' of the Plantex I posses is as follows:  Mg 1.50%,
Chelated Mg 1.50%, Chelated Mn 2.00%, Chelated Cu 0.10%, Chelated Zn 0.40%,
Chelated Fe 7.00%, Mo 0.06%.  Note that there is no Boron in this mix.  Also
note that this is ***ONLY*** the trace element mix.

Pricing will depend on cost but should be in $2-3 range per ounce including
shipping.  (To give an indication of how much is needed, I dose my 55 gallon
daily and in 2+ years have used about 1/2 of the 4 ounces I retained for

If anyone is interested, contact me offlist.  If there's sufficient
interest, I'll check on availability.


John Haydt
Lansdale, PA

PS If anyone out there purchased this stuff would you mind letting me know
what I charged you?  I kept no information so I don't know how to check how
much the price of the CSM increased (or decreased).  Thanks.