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Karen's Article in AFM

Hello All,

I just wanted to pass on to Karen Randall what a great set of articles she 
wrote for Aquarium Fish Magazine on her trip to the Amazon.  If you all 
haven't read the articles, pick up the February copy of AFM to see part 2 of 
her series.  The first article apeared in AFM in September of 1999.

It is a nice vacation from the standard aquarium articles usually seen in 
the magazine.  Not that I don't enjoy the information those articles 
impart(in fact, I love them), but most articles usually deal with specific 
fish or specific aspects of the hobby.  Karen's articles take us back to 
where our hobby begins.

For the Indiana Jones in us all, the spirit of adventure in fish and plant 
collecting is what her series was all about.  I don't think there is one of 
us that wouldn't want to shake off the shackles of civilization and journey 
to the Amazon to do some collecting.

If you can pick up a copy and the back issue of AFM, I believe you would 
truly enjoy her accounts of her trip.

And no, she didn't pay me to write this review.

Best Regards,

Michael Laflamme
spicolte at hotmail_com

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