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Fish for adoption

Hi all,

I have six 3 1/2" glass cats (Kryptopterus cryptopterus) and a 6" electric
cat (Malapterus electricus) available for adoption. I'm getting rid of these
fish only because I need to clear out some tank space for new purchases.

Only conditions are that you come and pick them up within the next week or
so. I live in Manhattan, New York.

The electric cat is really quite a fascinating fish.  Like other large fish,
it exhibits an interesting variety of intelligent behavior which we don't
normally associate with fish. The fish is almost indestructible and will
tolerate a wide variety of water conditions. It is a "low nitrate" fish, in
that it leaves not a single grain of food uneaten (though it should be fed
sparingly). Putting your hands into the tank for tank maintenance is also
not a problem, as it only zaps when molested. The electric discharge is
guaranteed to startle you, but at 50V or so, won't do much more than give
you a mild buzz ;-). However, you should also be aware that this is a fish
best kept alone or with other large mid or top dwellers. Moreover, it can
grow quite large -- a foot or so in an aquarium. For someone looking for
novelty and willing to look after a large fish, this is a great pet.

The glass cats are great community fish and look great in a planted
aquarium. Fish of this fully adult size are rarely seen in pet shops. They
need clean, well oxygenated water, lots of cover and peaceful tank mates.

If you're interested, please contact me off list.