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Re: Java Fern Plantlets

Hi LeeAnn,

Whew! I hope you haven't been getting as many as I have. I have 
some leaves with a dozen or more plantlets on them. About once 
every two months or so, I harvest them from their mamas and 
transfer them to a cichlid 55G I have. I have pulled them off when 
they were just big enough barely make-out, and I've let others stay 
(bkg plants) until they were quite big (hand-sized). They pop right 
off the leaves. The most convenient way I treat them: When the 
'roots' are long enough to start looking bad, I harvest it. Just grab 
the roots and tug upward and it should pop off. Sometimes with 
older leaves, which I've noticed grow more plantlets, the leaf may 
tear, so I go ahead and remove it. I tie the plantlets to a long piece 
of driftwood, and over the past year, they have filled a 2' long 
section beautifully. Very user friendly!

Jamie    <"\\\><