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Cold water plants

Hi all,
First an update on big daddy's fish home. I got some Java moss (Vesicularia 
dubyana) from someone from the list (Thanks a lot!! You guys are so 
friendly).  He began doing so well, I decided he needed some company. The 
female sort. Guess what? Baby bettas!! I am not sure when it happened but 
when thinning out the Java moss I saw the little guys swimming around so I 
guess he was kinda lonely.  Anyway, all goes well on that front, now that I 
gave all the babies away anyway. For my next project, I am planning on 
setting up a 20 g planted goldfish tank, but really have idea what sort 
plants do well in cold water so any help would be greatly appreciated. I plan 
on having two or three and see what happens.  I prefer the low-tech route, 
but cost doesn't really matter (I am getting all A's in school and get $35 
per A) but let's not spend it all at once.<grin> What I have so far is an 
empty 20 g tank, hood with lights and a tank stand.  Thanks in advance for 
your help.

Jenny (in high school, enjoying the last day of winter break)
Irmo, SC