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Re: Photography

>Your advise is correct to try to eliminate as much ambient light as
possible and
>using flashes at an angle (~45 degrees works nice).  But why would you
>using a fast film like ASA 400?!?   If you are trying to eliminate ambient
>then shoot ASA 50 or even 25.  Even one moderate sized (say guide number of
80 or
>so) strobe should produce more than enough light to get F8 or better DOF.
For full
>tank shots you'll be using a wider lens anyway and won't need to stop down

Okay I am sorry.

The problem is my bad English, I live in a non English speaking language.

What I meant was. If you don't have or don't want to use flash use a fast
film. On a normal 10*15 cm print you won' notice any difference anyway.

But if you use flash, make sure that you don't take a picture of the
reflection, instead of the tank.
If you use flash, there is no need for the fast film, but you can off course
still use them.

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