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>Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 17:02:57 -0800
>From: lovell <lovell at drizzle_com>
>Subject: Kribs in planted tanks
>Steve Basee was asking about Kribs in his planted tank:
If you really want Kribs, I'd suggest letting them
>have their own (big) tank, with a some hardy plants, a pair of SAEs (who
>love their own kind and should never be kept alone, IMHO) and some Otos
>for housekeeping.

Having kept Kribs in a 20 gallon I couldn't agree more. They were neat but
they certainly pinned everything else in a corner. I removed the few
platties and guppies that didn't die of fright and left 2 saes and some
otos thinking that algae eaters would be okay. Big mistake. The otos died
from stress I think and I finally removed the SAEs when I saw them lying ON
TOP of the duckweed with their backs out of the water to avoid the Kribs.
If that tank hadn't had a glass cover I'm sure the SAEs would have jumped
out. Those SAEs are now living happily in another tank. I don't keep Kribs
anymore because I don't have a tank I want to devote to only them.

in Vancouver... Happy 2000 everyone!