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Re: Photography


You'll probably get lots of replies on this.

I tried all the fancy stuff with lights here and there, flashes at angles
etc. etc... and found that simple was easiest. 

Definitely wait until dark, close all curtains and turn off all lights. If
you have venietian blinds and light from street lights comes the cracks and
reflects on the tank, cover the windows with something.

I use a complelely manual camera on a tripod and I quit using flash at all.

I use 400 ASA film and let the light indicator on the camera tell me when
there is adequate light for the photo. I use several combinations of f
stops and shutter speeds and then select the best photos. I've found this
much less difficult than hassling with flash though my photos are probably
not "professional quality" they come out well for me... especially slides. 

Go for it. It's easier than you think. I took my photos to a pro for advice
and he admitted that I'd taken better photos of a fish tank than he ever
had! Of course this is mainly because he hasn't done it much... but still..
there you are.

in Vancouver