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Re: Roots in the water column

On Sun, 2 Jan 2000, Art wrote:
> One problem I am experiencing is my Ludwigia and Rotala are shooting
> thousands of roots into the water column.  My tank is 30 inches high (good
> thing I have long arms :) so I let the plants grow very tall.  The lower
> half of these guys are covered with long roots that look pretty bad.
> Is this normal?  Is the water deficient in something that is causing this?
> Should I just cut these out (I have been)?

This is pretty normal.  I can think of two things you can do.  You can cut
off the tops of the stem plants, uproot the lower section of the plant and
replant the tops (the tops will eventually sprout water roots too). Or,
you can plant other plants in front of the rooty stems so that the lower
part of the stems aren't visible.  That way it doesn't make much
difference whether the lower part of the stems are rooty or not.

Roger Miller