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NEC Convention

Bob Buettner wrote:

>Thanks for the info on the shrimp. The shrimp have turned a nice red/orange 
>in my tank already and are spending their time suspended in my plants and on 
>the intakes (I have sponge prefilters fitted). Hopefully they are 
>comfortable in their new surroundings. 

It sounds like it.  In my experience, when they're happy, they're orange.
When they are nervous (like in a bare shop tank with nowhere to hide) they
are brown.

>The guys at Uncle Ned's mentioned 
>that you stopped by quite frequently.......maybe next time! 

Yes, I usually head to Ned's right after I "weed".<g>

>As far as the 
>NEC workshop in Farmington... I was not aware of it coming up. Farmington 
>(If you mean CT) is my hometown. Where can I get the details on the 
>workshop? E-mail me off list if this is going off topic for the list!

I think it's on-topic, particularly since there is so much planted aquarium
stuff going on in conjuction with it.  The North East Council of Aquarium
Societies holds its annual convention every spring.  For the past several
years, it has been at the Farmington CT Marriot, which is a lovely hotel
with great convention facilities.  

This year is our 25th annual convention, and they have put together an
all-star line up of speakers.  From the point of view of us "plant people",
the most interesting speaker is Claus Christensen of Tropica, Denmark,
making a return appearance at NEC.  Claus is an engaging and very
knowledgeable speaker, and will give two different lectures during the
course of the weekend.  The AGA has a room of its own for a get-together on
Friday afternoon, just prior to the start of "Official" NEC happenings.  In
the past, this has been a round table discussion where everyone shared
ideas.  People are _always_ encouraged to bring photos of their tanks to
share.  There will be a slide projector available but if all you have is
prints, bring those and we'll pass them around.  

I'm not sure whether we will have a "formal" presentation at this meeting
or not, but it has always been _lots_ of fun, and well attended by people
from all over the U.S. and beyond.  Incidentally, you do _not_ have to be
an AGA member to attend this meeting, you only need to be interested in
aquatic plants and planted aquariums.

The auction on Sunday is one of the best in the country, with lots of rare
fish and plants to bid on.

For more information, please see the NEC web site.  I tried to find it
today so that I could give you the URL, but couldn't find it.  I am hoping
that this means that they turned something off to prevent Y2K problems.  If
you can't find the site in a few days, let me know, and I'll give someone a
call.  I'm working at a disadvantage because I've lost my address book in a
computer change-over (_not_ Y2K related... just a fried power supply)