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Re: Photography

>Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 19:49:39 -0600
>From: "Thomas Vickers" <redroach at flex_net>
>I have borrowed a real camera and want to photograph my 55gallon tank.
>Any ideas on good techniques?
>Should I open windows and use natural light or just depend on the Tank

Nope wait until it's dark, and make sure no artificial light makes any
reflection in the tank glass.

If possible get help from 1 or 2 slave flash lights. But let them be in an
angle to the tank glass, so you don't take pictures of the flash in the
glas, instead of the fish inside :)

>Film speed?

A very good film is Kodak Gold ASA 400. With that you can even take pictures
without using flash (done it a few times). I now several other people think
you should only use asa 100 or lower, because the asa 400 film is to grainy,
but if you don't wan't to enlarge the pictures up to 10"*20" you can't see
any difference.

>Any help is appreciated.

Personally I prefer using a digital camera, because then I don't have to
wait 2 few days to see the result (and it's cheaper :-)

But if you can live with that  maybe 3-5 pictures are useful on a 36 shoot
film, then you will be fine.

But watch out, it's like a disease to take pictures, once you got it, you
can't stop again :-)

Good luck

You can check out my homepage there I have a section about this subject, but
it's more with digital camera.


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